Monday, July 13, 2009

A new week & all its potential!

Good morning! Welcome to yet another brand new week. What does this week have in store for you? Or better yet, what do you have in store for this brand new week? A new week can only give you as good as you put into it. So go out there and put your best self forward, and the universe will give you good in return! Or at least I like to think that. LOL.

Today I have to take the girls for their routine every-six-months dental cleaning. Hopefully they will be all cavity-free, like always. Maybe the youngest will be easier this time. She kicked and screamed and cried last time. Ugh! So this time we're taking "teddy" with us, and she's declared that she's big enough now that she won't cry. LOL. I'll report back on whether or not that's true. ;-) I'll take them to the library afterwards, as we didn't have time to go Friday.

I did manage to make my sister's wedding shirt yesterday. However, I completely forgot to take a picture of it to share. That's okay, because our mom will be taking pictures before their ceremony and I'll share those.

Yesterday I finished a story for an anthology book. Hopefully it'll get picked up and I'll make a little money. This week I've got more book edits and rewrites for Time For Death. I also dreamed up another story idea last night that I need to make notes about for future reference. Maybe another article idea will pop up this week too. We'll see, as the writing fairy doesn't always cooperate with my weekly ideas. LOL.

Okay, the picture above is Tim & I right before my sister's pre-wedding dinner party Saturday. Once I saw this picture, I knew it was time for a haircut. LOL. I like to keep it right above my shoulders because when it gets longer than that it gets heavy, weighing down the top, and the Georgia humidity frizzes it to high heaven. Soooo, this week I'll also be getting a trim. I hate not being able to do anything with my hair. I tend to live in ponytails and hair clips when it gets this bad. Not only that, but I'm really missing the red hair. I always look so washed out in blonde. Luckily, it's only for the summer.

Okay, I'm out. I have things to do before the girls' dentist appointment. :-)

Have a good one!


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