Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is it time for school yet?

Please, please, please tell me that it's September 8th already. Geez, I don't think I can take much more of these kids whining, fighting, and screaming at each other. It's so muddy outside that they are mainly stuck inside. The youngest keeps begging to go to the beach; not realizing that the beach is six hours away and we won't be going back until next year.

Why, oh why, did the school system have to move the first day of school from August 6th to September 8th? I'm going utterly insane here. I haven't gotten much of any writing work done this summer, and that alone throws my entire world out of sync. I'm a writer. I must write! If I don't write my day isn't complete. Things get turned topsy-turvy when I can't find enough peace and quiet to put words on paper (laptop screen).

Today I get the supply list for our oldest. She's going into 7th grade when school finally does begin. I've already purchased a whole slew of school supplies as it is, but there is always more needed when those "lists" are finally released. This year is no different. I'll be going out in a little while to pick up the rest of what she needs. Thank goodness for back-to-school sales.

Speaking of back to school, thanks to those of you who comments and read my newest articles. :-) My pageviews are creeping closer and closer to 1 million with each new day!

I'm feeling a bit more rested today than I did yesterday. It's nuts how it takes days to recover from a vacation that was *suppose* to be relaxing. Let me just say that I'll never, ever book a vacation rental from the company I used this year. When you discover a used condom in a bowl on top of the fridge... well, that's just never a good thing. And yes, I took a picture as proof. Ugh!

For anyone planning a trip to Tybee Island, I'll happily share the name of the company with you so you can avoid the hassle I've dealt with. Just email me anytime.

Anyway, on the work front, I was so hoping to have the edits and rewrites finished for Time For Death by the time school starts. Unfortunately, with all the craziness we've dealt with this summer that's just not happening. It's still possible, but highly unlikely. Then again, maybe I can! *lightbulb moment*

Tomorrow is Tim's last day work. He'll be laid off after that. Sucks on the job/money front, but I do recall him stating that he'd be my househusband!!! Oh yeah! He's suppose to take over the household and children so I can get my book finished. Hmmm.... Maybe I can get done by September after all.

I'll have to remind him of that this evening. Yeah, that's it! Having a househusband sounds fantastic!

Okay, I think I'll go and fantasize (while blocking out the screaming) about being able to write all day without interruptions. Awwww, that would be fantabulous!!

Have a great Tuesday!