Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

Good afternoon! I know it's later in the day than I usually post an entry, but we've been busy today. Whew! It's only 1:30 pm and it's been a looooong day.

My grandmother needed some trees cut down in her back yard and Tim is the one she calls on. So we headed over there at 9am and are just now home. Ack! We were expecting a short trip, but it soon turned into much more. In the end, he ended up cutting down two full sized trees and about 25 limbs off of other trees. He would cut them and we'd drag them away. LOL.

It wasn't too bad though. The kids got to play and we got a free lunch out of it. LOL!

Now we're home and Tim's in the shower. We were talking about going to the science museum this week and Tim asked if we were going today. Um, no. It's too late in the day and everyone's hot and tired. We'll just do that tomorrow instead.

I also need to make reservations at the hotel we always stay at when we go to Pigeon Forge, TN. We'll be going up on Sunday an staying until Tuesday. That'll be the very LAST trip of the summer. Science museum and two places in Pigeon Forge.... that's it! Summer will be officially over for us after next Tuesday. Whew!

Next Thursday the kids have Open House at both schools and then five days later, on September 8th, school will begin. Yay!!!

Okay, I'm off for today. The kids are fighting and the shower stopped, so Tim'll be back in here in a few minutes. Have a great rest of the day. :-)