Monday, August 24, 2009

It went over wonderfully.

Well, the baby loved her new bookshelf yesterday. She came home and was completely amazed and excited when she spotted it. For the rest of the day she repeatedly told Tim and I that she loves her bookshelf and how much she loves us. LOL! She was so funny.

Here's the video from yesterday.

Today is just a hanging at home day for us. Tim just finished up cleaning the house gutters and the oldest has an orthodontist appointment at 4pm. I've already cleaned the kitchen and made some phone calls. I'm on the phone with my sister right now just chit-chatting. :-)

I don't really have anything else planned for today besides running the kids by the library before the ortho appointment. They only have two more weeks of summer vacation before school FINALLY starts. We have two more trips planned before school starts.

We're waiting on some free tickets to come in this week and then we'll be spending two days up in Pigeon Forge on Sunday and Monday. We also have a trip to the science museum planned down in Cartersville sometime before school starts, but don't have a day picked for that one yet. LOL. The kids will definitely have a lot to tell when they're asked, "What did you do over the summer?"

Okay, Tim's out of the shower now. Guess I better go see what he wants to do now. :-)

Have a great day!