Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday already?

I can't believe it's Tuesday. Now that Tim's home my days are running together. There's no break between week days and weekends. The kids are home, Tim's home, we have no schedules to keep. Boy, I'll be glad when school starts.

Yesterday we took the kids fishing again. This time we went to a different spot that was completely secluded and quiet. It was nice. We had lots of bites and nibbles, but no actual catches. However, all the bites and nibbles made it a lot more fun and kept the kids' attention better. Nonetheless, they did end up bored and digging in the sand behind us. LOL!

We stayed at the lake for several hours, but then I realized that all I'd had for the day was a yogurt. The heat was getting to me and the lightheadedness hit hard. Sooooo, at 4pm it was time to head for home and dinner. Leave it to me to forget to eat anything before running out the door for a day at the lake. Sheesh! And since we didn't leave until after the kids had their lunch, we didn't bring any snacks with us.... just waters. Oh well, I'll try to remember next time.

Today was the day for Tim to claim his first unemployment check. However, this became more difficult than expected when the website must have been having issues this morning (probably due to a LOT of people on there claiming their checks) and his PIN wasn't working. So now, instead of simply claiming it & waiting for it to be direct deposited, he has a call into office to see what the problem is and when he'll get paid. Here's hoping this doesn't delay his check too long. This stuff sucks ass big time. Thank goodness I still have money coming in regularly.

Today is a rainy, wet day here. I doubt we'll be going anywhere at all. Tim'll be sitting by the phone until the unemployment office calls back anyway. I've already completed some edits on an article this morning and need to work on research for the next one. The carpet needs tobe vacuumed, but that's about it. I did all the laundry and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen yesterday.

Sounds like a lazy day around here today.

Okay, before I go, here are some pictures from yesterday.