Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #28

Good morning all! Welcome to Hump Day. What big plans do you have in store for today? Anything special? I have no idea what we're doing, but I do know that I gotta do some laundry... again... always! LOL.

Yesterday I spent half the day cleaning out the 4 year old's bedroom closet. I sent off 3 trash bags and two boxes full of baby clothes, shoes, cloth diapers, toys and blankets to my sister (who is trying to conceive). I'v alreay given her some carseats, bouncy seat and changing table. Up next will be the crib (which we're still using since it converts to a toddler bed) once we get a "big girl bed" for her. LOL.

Tim was complaining yesterday about being soooooo bored and having nothing to do. He said last night that he didn't want us to sit around the house today. I quickly reminded him that I didn't sit around all day. LOL!!! Who knows what he has planned for today.

On the upside, I did find out yesterday that both my mom and my sister will be getting the kids this weekend. Woohoo! Two nights in a row of peace and quiet. Now if the in-laws want them for Thursday night, we'll be all set for a 3 day weekend of quiet evenings. LOL! If only we had the extra $$$ to go away. That would be awesome!

Okay, so here's this week's Wanna Know Wednesday. I thought I'd share the last ten articles I've written. I'm getting closer and closer to the 1 million pageview mark on AC. Woohoo!

My Last 10 Articles:
  1. Birth Control Methods and Effectiveness
  2. Free Sixth Grade Games to Play on the Computer
  3. Games for a 3 Year Old to Play on the Computer
  4. Preschool Kids Games to Play on the Internet
  5. Back to School: Preparing Your Youngest for Their First Day of School
  6. Back to School: Important School Supplies for Elementary School
  7. SAHM: Cheap Things to Do with Your Kids on a Summer Evening
  8. Planning a Vow Renewal Ceremony on a Budget
  9. Should You Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony?
  10. SAHM: Spending Time with Your Four Year Old

The first four are the ones I wrote for Demand Studios for publication on I'm having a good time writing for DS. The money is better than AC, and that definitely helps. LOL!

Stop by and check them out if you get the time. :-)

I guess it's that time again. Time for me to get off here and start the laundry while Tim decides what he MUST go do today. Sheesh! LOL.

Have a great day!