Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big plans on the first day of school.

Good morning everyone. Today is a big, big day. Today is a day that brings peace, quiet, and most of all, FREEDOM back into my world. IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

Wooooohooooooo!!!! Tim & I took the big girls to school this morning and after the oldest was dropped at middle school there was a huge sigh of relief when I said, "Well, it's done."

We've been home for 1 hour now and I've already cooked (yes, cooked) breakfast, emptied & filled the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen counters, swept the floor, stripped the sheets off my bed & Kaitlyn's and tossed them into the washer, Tim vacuumed our bedroom & livingroom, and now I'm writing this. Not bad for 1 hour. Yay!

Neither of the girls wanted to be walked into school this morning, so we dropped off the 4th grader at elementary school (5 mins down the road) and then had to fight the insane traffic to get across town and drop the oldest off for her first day of middle school. She's a big 7th grader now.

They both have to be at school and in class by 7:30am. The 9yr old made with plenty of time to spare, but it was 7:15 when the oldest hopped out of the van. It was sooooooo crowded. Of course, it always is during the first week of school. It'll start easing up next week.

I have over 5 hours of quiet left for today. I'll have to head to pickup time about 2:30 for the middle daughter. However, the oldest wants to try her hand at riding the school bus home this year. Sooooo, now we just wait and see if she makes it home easily. LOL! I don't think she'll like it, and expect to hear her asking me to come get her by next week. LOL.

Okay, some of you may have noticed that the menu bar above looks a bit different today. As I said the other day, I'm going to be working on a blog redesign, and that's just a little something I'm playing with up there. CSS isn't my favorite to work with (I'm much, much better with plain HTML), but I always figure out enough to change things up and make them pretty. LOL.

It'll be a while before I'm finished because I'm creating a logo, a new header, custom sidebar headers for each section, new colors, theme, and widgets. It's going to be a lot of work, but it's time for a new look. :-) I have a whole list of ideas that I will be working with. Should be fun!

Well, I'm off for the day. I'm going to enjoy having only one child home today and getting work done easily. Yay me! :-)

Have a great day!