Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My little chicken chaser....

Dixie Stampede was awesome. We all had a fantastic time.

At the beginning of the meal our server asked Sara (9yrs old) if she'd like to be in the show later because she was in the right age group to learn to twirl a lasso. She adamantly DECLINED. She's quite bashful.

Then halfway through the meal our server asked Kaitlyn (4 yrs old) if she'd like to chase some chickens in the show because she was the right age for that part. She reluctantly agreed after he said she could bring mommy or daddy with her. We agreed.

She was just finishing up her meal and dessert hadn't been brought out yet when the server (Tony) said it was time. Welllllll, me being the smooth mommy I am, sent her with DADDY. Hahaha! They went down into the arena with two other kids from the North side. The speaker asked them their names and Kaitlyn happily told them hers. Then he told the kids to chase the chickens from one end (just to herd them) all the way to the other end and the first one to cross the finish line would win.

All Kaitlyn needed to hear was "Ready, Set, GO!" and she was off. The other two were still standing there wondering what they were suppose to be doing. LOL! It was sooooo cute. I was standing in the stand screaming, cheering, and yelling "Go Kaitlyn!" the entire time.


She won! She crossed the line far ahead of the other two and herded several chickens along the way. LOL. It was fabulous!

She got a first prize medal (and the other two got runner up ones) and they all received a free book of The Little Engine That Could.

When she came back to the seat she was just beaming. She showed me her medal and book and talked on and on about chasing those chickens, "...but we don't s'ppose to touch them, just chase..." LOL! Then everyone that would walk by us she'd hold up her medal and beam with pride.

She talked about her win the rest of the night and would show her medal to anyone that looked her way. It was quite entertaining.

Here's the clearest picture I could get of her in the arena since we weren't suppose to bring cameras in, so I just used my cell phone. If I'd known she was going to be in the show I would've brought my camera anyway and took a video of the entire thing.

It was a great time, but I think Kaitlyn enjoyed it the most of all. :-)