Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #30.... A day late.

Yes, yes, I know. It's not Wednesday. Today is Thursday. However, yesterday was so busy that I forgot all about my Wanna Know list until it was late evening. So I'm just doing it today and it'll be a day late. LOL!

Yesterday we had Dish Network come out and install service for us. We're so sick of Charter's television service prices, and with Dish Network's curret specials we'll save over $800 in the next year over what we're paying Charter. Eek! Crazy isn't it? After looking at it like that, how could we not switch?

So we spent yesterday morning making sure everything was cleaned up in and around the house, and waiting on the dish guy to show up. He called at 11 am to say that he'd be here a little after 12. Well, it was 2pm when he finally got here. LOL. It was okay though since our appointment time was between 12 and 5. Hahaha!

The tech guy was nice and friendly. He and his partner dish guy had us all up and running in 2 hours. He showed me all the nice little details of the service and made sure I knew how to work the remote, and even showed me how to set the DVR. Most of the controls are the same as the Charter DVR.

This morning, we took our 3 cable boxes back to Charter and had the tv service cut off. The office lady asked, "Don't want to at least keep Basic?" Nope! LOL.

Ooohhh, today is Open House for the girls! School starts next Tuesday... only 5 days away! Woooooohooooooo!!!!! I can't wait. Tim can't wait. The girls can't wait. I'm so ready to get back on schedule. My days are much more productive when we're up and running by 6am every day.

Since school starts, and our oldest will be starting her first year of middle school, this week's (late) Wanna Know Wenesday is....

10 Things My Oldest Is Excited About

1. Going to middle school.
2. Seeing all her friends.
3. Having a locker.
4. Meeting new kids.
5. Being able to take new classes.
6. Being in a different school than Sara! (our middle daughter, lol)
7. Doing new sports. (she wants to play tennis)
8. Telling her friends about all the fun stuff we did over the summer.
9. Doing more stuff in art class.
10. She won't be surrounded by little kids all the time.

There it is. Now I'm off because the kids are rushing us to get ready for Open House. Gotta be there as soon as the doors open I suppose. LOL!

Have a great day!


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