Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday around here.

Good morning/almost afternoon to you all.  How was your Friday?  So very sorry that I missed a post yesterday, but Thursday night I went to bed feeling on the verge of sickness.  You know that feeling you get in the back of your throat when you know something is about to hit?  Well, I had it. 

Friday morning I woke up with a full blown head cold.  Ugh!  The girls brought it home from school and it has gone through all of us--first the middle, then the oldest, then the youngest, then Tim, and now me.  I'm glad it hit me last though.  LOL. 

I felt rough yesterday and didn't get a stitch of work done.  That's why there was no blog entry. 
This morning I'm feeling a bit better.  Still a bit of a stuffy nose, but the throat feels better.  However, the rain has moved back in on us and it's one dark, dreary, wet day around here.  At least I don't have to worry about going anywhere in this mess.

I mentioned the other week that I'd be going through all the blogs that I follow to see which ones are being updated regularly.  I did that this morning and ended up unfollowing 10 blogs that hadn't been updated in the last month.  That's one more thing knocked off my 'to-do' list.  :-)

That's it for today.  I have resting, reading, and laundry to do today.  Might as well get to it.  :-)

Have a great Saturday, and I hope yours day is a dry, comfortable one.