Thursday, September 24, 2009


Good morning everyone.  It's finally Thursday.  I didn't think the end of the week would ever show up.  This was a busy, long one for me.  I always look forward to the weekend.  Tim keeps talking about going bowling--we haven't been in ages--but who knows if he'll change his mind before then. 

Thought I'd share this new tag from my wonderful friend (and book cover designer), Mis.  She makes me these from time to time and I love them!  I've amassed quite the collection over the years we've known each other.  :-)

It seems quite fitting, don't ya think?  She said it suits me.  LOL.  And in the spirit of upcoming Halloween, she shared the stamp above with me too.  It's cute and I'll be adding it to the blog's sidebar next week for the month of October.

What will you be up to today?  Tim and I will be going to to run some errands, and he's been begging for the new Halo ODST Xbox game.  I'm thinking I'll let him buy it today.  Yes, yes, he's as spoiled as the children.  LOL.

After errands I'll be coming back home to work on the new Time For Death chapter that I'm outlining.  I'd like to get it written over the weekend and get back to edits next week.  Yesterday I didn't work on much of it or anything, for that matter.  I actually used Wednesday as my "off" day between all the articles I wrote and the book work I need to do. Kind of a do to refresh the brain and relax. 

The only thing was... I was bored out of my frickin' mind yesterday.

I did the mandatory laundry, kitchen cleaning, making of meals, and I even finished a book I'd been reading on nd off since summer began, but I didn't write anything except the blog entry and Facebook/Twitter/Goodreads posts.  I like my breaks, but yesterday wasn't peaceful to the creativity at all.

Oh, and the oldest decided at the last minute that she would ride the bus home yesterday, after all.  She's almost as indecisive as her dad can be.  LOL.  I didn't even get that change of pace I'd planned on.  LOL.

Today will be better though.  I have errands to run and I get to surprise Tim with the new game.  Then I'll come home and be creative.

Speaking of creative... to those who asked:  No the corset hasn't arrived yet.  Should be any day now.  And NO, I will NOT model it for you.  Sheesh!  LOL.  I don't think Tim would be too happy with that.

Okay, I better get going now.  Time to go get dressed and head out to take the kids to school, then errands.  Have a great day!  Oh yes, if you haven't read the snippet of Time For Death below you better get to it.  I'll be taking it down over the weekend.  :-)