Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Yay! It's sunny again here in north Georgia!  The rain was bad yesterday, but at least it's gone now.  I love sunshine.  :-)

We had a terrible disaster ocurr here in Chatsworth yesterday.  The old rock building--built in 1933--that housed Murray County High School all those years ago was apparently struck by lightning and destroyed by fire yesterday.  The picture above was taken by my sister with her husband's cell phone and she then sent it to me.  Such a horrible fire and a terrible loss for the community.
The rain was so bad yesterday that we had numerous flooded roads, basements, car wrecks, and the fire in the county.  Such destruction all around.  Makes me glad we stayed sequestered at home all day.

Today we're at home again, but at least the day is lovely.  I'm feeling a bit better.  I think the head cold has nearly run its course, thankfully.  I did however wake up with a headache this morning, but Tim doped me upith Excedrin and Pepsi as caffeine usually helps me get over them much faster.  Unfortunately that backfired and I ended up with caffeine jitters because all I'd eaten was a banana.  LOL.  I hate to eat a full meal to get my system back in order.  Now I'm feeling better though.

I had planned to get book work done this weekend, but with coming down with the cold and feeling badly, I didn't get a bit of writing work done.  I didn't even manage to claim any new articles for the new week until today.  It's going to be one busy week for me.  But then again, when isn't it busy around here?  LOL.

Five articles, one chapter to write, and another twelve chapters to edit... yep, that's a lot of work.  At least the laundry is done until Tuesday.  LOL!

Okay, I'm off to do some research.  Maybe I can get 1 or 2 articles written today, and then I won't have so many to do tomorrow and Tuesday.  The girls are playing quietly and Tim's playing Xbox.  Wish me luck!

Have a great Sunday.  :-)