Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is Monday

Good morning everyone.  Welcome to a brand new week.  I woke up feeling better, but very groggy.  Ugh.  I hate waking up at 5:50 am.  The head cold seems better, but I'm still dealing with a stuffy nose.  Fingers crossed that'll be gone soon.

Yesterday was a nice day at home.  The sun was shining and Tim grilled out dinner.  Today is suppose to be a nice day as well.  Actually, according to the Weather Channel app on my laptop, it's suppose to be nice all week.  Sunshine and mild temps... what more can I ask for?!

I have to go out today for a few errands.  I wear contacts and have been needing a couple of new boxes for a while.  I finally called last week to make sure they had some in stock for me to pick up today.  So I gotta go do that this morning.  Yay for new contacts!  I love the feel of a fresh pair of contacts.  :-)

While I'm out we'll stop by Wal-mart for a few things I need for this week.  I was just over there Thursday, but we always end up running out of something.  Plus, while we're there, I'm going to pick up a box of my beloved "True Red".  I gave Tim the blonde me for the summer, but summer's over and now it's back to my classy red.  Yay me!  I love it.  :-)

Yesterday I managed to write one article and submit two.  That's not bad for being sick all weekend.  I had big plans for the weekend.  Oh well, all we can do is pick up and move onward.  I have two articles to write today and hopefully can punch out some on the new Time For Death chapter I'm working on.  That would make me very happy, especially since we have errands to run that'll break my day up.

Okay, I'm out.  Happy Monday everyone, and try to make the best of the day you have been given.  Go out and have some fun every chance you get. 

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