Thursday, September 17, 2009

The weekend is nearly here.

Welcome to Thursday.  It's nearly the weekend again.  Yay!

Let me start off by saying, Holy Crap!  I can't believe how many typos I had in yesterday's entry.  That's what I get for writing an entry first thing in the morning and in a hurry at the same time.  Sheesh!  Too bad Blogger doesn't have a built in spell check for us.  LOL.

Just to let everyone know.  I'm going to be cleaning out my blogroll list of the blogs that haven't been updated in the last month.  I love reading interesting blogs, but if I'm following you and you aren't updating, then I'll be un-following.  Nothing against the blog owner, just a way to shorten my blogroll and focus more on the blogs that are consistent.  :-)

Well, the oldest did her Quiz Bowl try-out yesterday.  She'll find out Friday if she made it in.  *Fingers Crossed*
Yesterday was yet another happily productive day for me.  I ended up with all my DS articles accepted with no problems or rewrites.  Some more book editing happened, and I'm planning several more chapters for today.  I can't wait to be done with this project so I can focus on the next one. 

Once this one if finished it'll be on it's way to agents while I work on the next one.  That's the best way (IMO) for any writer to work.  You'll always have something out there while you're busy with the next project.  Helps you not obsess so badly about the agents... helps the obsessing, doesn't STOP it.  LOL.

Okay, I must get off of here.  The kids are all dressed and ready for school now.  Have a great day!

*Photo: Taken by Christie Silvers July 2009 on Tybee Island*