Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday morning.

Good morning all.  How is this new week treating you?  It's not too bad at all here.  We have beautiful, glorious sunshine for the second day in a row.  Yay!  You know how much of a sunshine whore I am.  LOL.

Today is a busy one for me.  We discovered yesterday that there was something wrong with the heater/ac blower in my van.  You know how on the speed dial there'll be like 5 or 6 different speeds.  Well, about a year ago one of them went out.  It just so happen to be the one we used the most.  But we left it be and just used the numerous others until the time came that we'd have to do more.  Well, that day came yesterday when all stopped working except for the highest one.  LOL.  It was a cold morning, but the heat gets to you after a while on high.

Tim figured out the problem yesterday and this morning we went out to find the necessary replacement part.  Once we got home, Tim had it all changed out in about 10 minutes and now ALL of my fan speeds work perfectly.  Oh, and the best part... it was only $13.80!  Woohoo!  Now that's a fix I don't mind paying for.  Hahaha!

Yes, yes, I know.  I really should buy something newer, but I like my van, and I hate to spend money on something I don't really need.  As long as it keeps taking us where we need to go, then I'll hang onto it.

Now, I have a few hours to spend at home before we need to head out again.  This afternoon, the oldest has an orthodontist appointment, but it's scheduled at the time where I'll have to pick up both the girls early instead of just her.  After her appointment we'll have to rush back home to get changed for the middle daughter's school open house (we did the oldest's last Tuesday).

I have no idea when we'll squeeze dinner in.  LOL.

Before I forget, here are the pictures from our Nascar trip to Charlotte over the weekend.  There aren't many, but Tim actually took more than I thought he did.  LOL.  The picture above is one I took of him.  Yes, he's a Jr. fan.  ;-)  I wish he would've smiled.  LOL.

Nascar 2009 Pics

One last thing before I go:  I received more great reviews from my test readers this morning for Time For Death.  I'm loving what they have to say about the story and how much they're enjoying it.  I still have that I'm waiting to hear from, so hopefully they're enjoying it as well.

Here's something I loved hearing from my author friend Robin.  "And damn do you have a way of pulling the reader into their world."   *Love*
Okay, I'm out for the day. I have carpet to vacuum and a 4 year old to play with.  :-)

Have a great Tuesday!