Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #4: Sleep is overrated.

Good morning to all of you out there in cyber-land.  Before I begin I want to share that this is entry #500 for Christie's Thoughts.  Woohoo!  Not too bad, if you ask me.  :-)

I went out this morning and ran errands, bought groceries, had a nice breakfast at the local IHOP, and just had a good time while performing the mundane tasks everyone deals with.  Of course that doesn't prevent the four year old from being a whiny complainer all morning.  Yep, she's being difficult, but I just send her off to cool off in her bed and go about my day.  She is my third after all; I'm fairly use to whiny little girls.  LOL.

Oh yes, sleep is overrated.  Yes, that's due to my youngest child as well.  One of these days I'll get to sleep through the night on a regular basis again.  One of these days...

It all started 13 years ago.  After two years of marriage, we welcomed our first daughter into the world and I was thrown, pushed, shoved into the world of the sleepless.  Nights of nursing, diaper changes, babies that would only sleep curled up against me, bad dreams, potty trips, lost blankies, dolls that had fallen into the floor, colds, flus, stomach bugs, and the millions of other reasons that we mothers never get to sleep through an entire night in silence and bliss.

Yes, I've been running on sleepless nights for over a decade now.  Why does no one ever tell us about this before we have kids?  Sure we know about the first year, but why don't people share that it lasts long into the years after #1?

My oldest (nearly 13 yrs old) no long wakes me for any reason at night.  The 9 year old does it fairly rarely at night, but always does on weekend mornings.  The 4 year old, well, let me just say that she's the bane of my sleep existence.  She's up every single night, for some off the wall reason or another.  If she's not up to go potty (which is right next to her room, and she has to walk past in order to get to my room), then she's lost hr doll, or her covers are messed up, or she just wanted to see what I was doing (sleeping dear, always trying to sleep).  It never fails.  On the rare occasion that she does sleep through the night, I still wake up around the same time that she wouldn't woke me.  LOL. 

It's all a lose-lose situation when it comes to MY sleep.  Tim on the other hand could sleep through a freight train crashing into the house.  Either that or he's gotten very good at pretending to be asleep over the years.  LOL.

All of this is to say that I know one of these days a regular sleep schedule will again return to my world.  One of these days everyone will sleep through the night and I'll wake up refreshed and, well... awake!  Until then, if you see me and I look as though I could pass out while standing up, you'll know that I slept terribly the night before and just give me my space.  Oh, and don't do like Tim and tell me that I LOOK tired.  I may very well look that way, I know I look that way, and yet it feels like an insult to be told that I look that way.  LOL!

Okay, there are my Thursday Thoughts for this week.  I didn't even know what this entry would be about until I sat down to write it while the youngest was screaming on her bed.  Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood.  People keep saying I'll miss this when they're grown, but I haven't missed any of their younger stages, so I doubt I'll miss not sleeping for years and years and years.  Yeah, I doubt it...

Have a great Thursday and I'll see you back here tomorrow.  *Smooches*