Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #38

Good morning readers.  I hope that this morning finds you happy and healthy.  There are a lot of germs floating around this area right now.  Kids are out sick left and right at the girls' schools.  Luckily (fingers crossed), my kids haven't caught anything since that one cold right after school started.  I hope it stays that way.

The rain has stopped today.  It was very foggy when I took the kids to school, but that should burn off when the sun comes up bright and shiny.  Once I see how the day is going to be, I'll decide if today's the day for fall photos.  I just love the colors of the trees around here.  Bright yellows, oranges, & reds on fire all around.  It's quite lovely, but only lasts for such a short amount of time.

Yesterday I shared the logic behind my two week wait between writing one book and the next.  Today I'm going to share some insights into my newest leading lady, Liz Baker.  Liz is a cocky, self-aware, confident, knows what she wants (for the most part) kind of gal.  She's fun and I really enjoyed getting to know her.  This week's Wanna Know Wednesday is....

What Liz Would Do
  1. Liz would tell someone to get out of her damn bar just for sitting on her expensive pool table.
  2. Liz would have sex in a graveyard in the middle of the night.
  3. Liz would wear a sexy Halloween costume out in public without caring what others thought.
  4. Liz would be able to pull off that sexy Halloween costume because she doesn't give a damn what other people think.
  5. Liz would tell someone to fuck off if they looked at her with even a hint of disrespect.
  6. Liz would sacrifice her entire world for the people she loves.
  7. Liz would happily stare at a sexy, shirtless man, letting her mind wander to naughtier things, even in the most inappropriate of moments.
  8. Liz would call her cat a spoiled brat while still rubbing its tummy & enjoying its purring.
  9. Liz would buy everyone in her a bar a round of drinks just because she's having a good day.
  10. Liz would happily rule the world with a gentle touch, but an iron attitude when needed.
If you'd like to read what readers are saying about my new book & series starter, Time for Death, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter that goes out next Wednesday.  I've shared comments from my readers and I just love how they've expressed their enjoyment of the story.  One has demanded that I get right to work on book 2 so she can read it, too.  LOL.  Just a few more days!  *Smooches*

Okay, that's it from me for today.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (I love getting new subscribers) so that you can read all the good stuff the readers are saying. 

Have a fabulous Hump Day!

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