Friday, November 6, 2009

Hot Vampires! Who's your favorite?

Happy Friday morning ladies and gents!  It's finally the weekend.  Woohoo!  My mom will be taking the kids tonight and we'll be enjoying a peaceful evening.  Then tomorrow we get to sleep late.  I like sleeping late.  I hate the sound of my alarm clock Monday through Friday.  That sucker scares me half to death every single morning.

I don't have much more than writing planned for today.  I got an e-mail from DS wanting me to write more articles, but I don't "do" articles during NaNoWriMo.  I like to focus solely on my story without having my attention spread out over web content as well.  I love my fiction!  Articles are just there to make some extra cash when I'm not having to process a fiction story.

When I work on my novels I like to think about them all day.  Even when I'm not writing, the story is going through my mind; I'm working through scenes, conversations, locations, etc.  I might be watching television, folding laundry, giving the youngest a bath, but I'm rolling the story over and over in my head.  If I start writing an article about gardening, well, that just throws my story thoughts right out the window for a while.  It ruins my work flow.

This is why I only write articles when I'm editing or doing rewrites.  If I'm working on a story from scratch I just can't do articles.  I've learned this about myself over the years and figure I should just stick with what works best for me.  :-)

Now, back to the title of this blog.  Hmmm, hot vampires!  I love hot vampires.  Hot vampires are what makes the movies and books worth watching and reading.  Hot vampires are the ones that make you wanna swoon and offer up your own neck for their use.  Mmmm, the world would be awfully boring without hot vampires.  Hell, my books would be pointless without hot vampires!!  LOL!

Yesterday a friend shared 20 Hottest Vampires of All Time.  Stop by and check out.  Do you agree with the findings?  Do you have suggestions for others?  I like the list, but would totally reorder it to my own liking.

Before I go, I wanted to share that I got some fabulously potential good news yesterday.  It's pretty big for me, but it's a done deal.  It may not even pan out at all.  But if it does I'll be shouting it from the rooftops & you guys will be some of the firsts to know.  However, at this time I'm asking for everyone to cross their fingers and toes, and to think happy thoughts for me.  I believe in karma; if you send goodness out into the universe it'll come back to you tenfold.  Most of you know that about me.  Fingers crossed!

Have a great day!