Saturday, November 7, 2009

National Bookstore Day!

Welcome to the first annual Publishers Weekly's National Bookstore Day!  What a great day to let your favorite bookstore/seller know how much you appreciate them.  Publishers Weekly calls it, "a day devoted to celebrating bookselling and the vibrant culture of bookstores."  What better day to get your holiday shopping done for all the book lovers on your list?

Stop by the Publishers Weekly website to find a participating store near you.  Go out, buy books, let your favorite sellers know how much you love them and how they help to change the world with each book they provide. 

I love bookstores.  The smell of books, the silky texture of new pages, the "read" look of used books.  I don't care if they are old or new, I love books!  From the moment my children understood what a book was I've taught them that books are to be cherished and loved, not tossed aside, drawn in, or ripped apart. 

I must have done a good job with these teachings because my oldest came home from school one day, simply horrified at a task one of her teachers had asked her to help with.  When she told me what it was, I was horrified right along with her.  One of her teachers had been going through a book that the class was reading and marking out words she'd deemed inppropriate for the class.  OMG!  Are you serious? 

These kids are in middle school.  Anything in a school approved book can't be any worse than the things they see on tv, in the movies, or even hear in their own homes.  I was not a happy camper when I heard about this.  I can't believe that someone would destroy an author's hard work by going through the book with a black marker and censoring the story.  Ugh!

Okay, now I'm on a ranting rampage.  I'll stop right there for today.  I'm just glad my daughter told me about it so that we could discuss censorship in more detail than we had in the past.  Respect for books is something I take very seriously and luckily my daughters have picked up on that.

Have a happy National Bookstore Day!  Go read something!