Sunday, November 8, 2009

I was going to work all day.

Not everything works out the way you expect them to.  This morning I high expectations of being home and working on my novel all day.  I'd planned to be done with 3,000 words by 1 p.m. and then have the rest of the day to do what I wanted--watch movies, play online, chat with friends, play around.  However, the day changed dramatically when I agreed to go to lunch with the in-laws.

A free lunch is always nice, but I should've known better when it comes to interrupting my work.  Here it is, nearly 4 p.m. and I'm only halfway done with my 3k word goal.  I would've been done by the time they came home from lunch. 

I had a flow going when we got ready to leave.  I can't seem to get that flow back.  Words are coming at me sporadically.  Scenes feel sluggish, stagnant, slow.

Not only that, but it's nearly evening time, on a Sunday, and I've gotta make dinner, get all the kids bathed and ready for a new week of school, and throw some laundry into the washer after their showers so I won't have to deal with it tomorrow.

Tim promised that if I went with him for lunch, I'd have all the time I needed to work when we got back.  He'd send the kids to play.  He'd be watching his race instead of talking to me.  He'd take the dog out when needed.  And yes, he's done all of that.  BUT....

The kids keep coming in; Tim keeps telling me about what's happening on the race; during commercial breaks he comes over and kisses me on the neck and tries to "help" me with my story.  Oh, I'm going completely insane here!

So, I took a mini-break to post this.  I'm hoping that this will prompt my Idea Well to flow a bit more freely.  I'm going to plug my ears and write for 1 more hour before I absolutely must stop to make dinner.  Then after that, it's all done for the day.

Luckily, tomorrow, after I run some errands, Tim will be working with his dad and I'll have the house to myself for work.  Whatever I'm behind at the end of today will be taken care of tomorrow.  That makes me happy and gives me the kind of hope that only another writer during this hectic month can fully appreciate.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.  I'm off to create more of Liz's world than I had before.  :-)