Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #9: Why Vampires & Werewolves?

What is it about vampires and werewolves that intrigue people?  They're both creatures of the night, which in and of itself is intriguing enough.  Darkness is scary, a time when all good boy and girls should be safely tucked into their beds with the covers pulled up to their ears, wondering if the boogie man was about to pop out of the closet at any second.  But there's also something sensual about darkness, something enveloping, something that brings out the curiosity in all humans.

Werewolves are monstrous, dangerous, some are ugly, but in their human form they're generally described as strong, large and handsome... well, at least the men are.  The mystery around how the full affects their body, changing them from handsome human to monstrous, blood-thirsty beast is more than most can handle.  However, for those who find it interesting and exciting, they're rewarded with an experience very few are presented with.

Vampires on the other hand are known for their higher intelligence, their long lifetimes, their smoothness in conversations.  They tend to glide through the night in such a manner that only a select few even know they exist, and most of those people won't live to tell about the encounter.

Danger is exciting.  The "bad boys" are sexually intriguing.  Even if the idea of blood drinking makes your stomach curdle, the thought of offering yourself up to someone so full of power, strength, control and sexual prowess is enough to make many people (women especially) weak in the knees.

So, why werewolves & vampires?  Because we lust after darkness, the desire to be controlled, the want to turn a "bad guy" good, and yet to be controlled by someone stronger, offering our minds and bodies up to them totally.  They don't even have to be handsome (does anyone really think Béla Lugosi was handsome?) to be the object of our affection.  Strength, control and the real need they have for us to keep them alive is enough. If they have good looks, then all the better!

I figured today's Thursday Thoughts would be something related to what I do.  I've always enjoyed a good vampire and werewolf movie.  I love the night!  I love the feeling of excitement and rush of adrenaline when you're way out past curfew... maybe that's why I was terrible about sneaking out as a teenager.  LOL!  Sorry, Mom.  Give the oldest a few years and I'm sure I'll get paid back.

It humors me to think of how the "Twilight saga" has gotten so many people excited, both young and old.  And yet, these same stories have been around for centuries.  It feels like our exclusive club of vampire lovers have been invaded by a new younger group willing to take over... even though they come nowhere near having as much knowledge on the subject as the older ever-loyal members. 

Most of the new members will move onto the next big thing once this is over, but there will be a select few who will take their new-found love of darkness with them throughout the rest of their existance.  Those will become the next leaders of the Vampire & Werewolf Loving Club.  To them, I thank you for reading, watching and helping to keep alive the genre that I adore the most!

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