Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #43

Happy Hump Day everyone!  It's a wet, rainy, dreary day here this morning.  That didn't keep us from going out in it though.  LOL.  We had to get some groceries and run by the bank.  When I told the 4 yr old to get dressed she asked, "Do you know that it's raining out there?"  LOL!  She's such a ham.

We made it back though... maybe a littler wetter, but definitely safe and sound.  :-)

According to the Weather Channel, we'll have rain all day, clouds over the next four days, and a possibility of snow showers on Saturday.  That's pretty early for snow showers here in north Georgia.  Usually it's not until after the new year.  We'll see if it happens though.  Don't want to get the kids excited until we see fat flakes falling from the sky.

So, it's the time of the year that every time a parent takes their small children shopping (even just for groceries) we hear the phrases that won't stop until we leave the store...  "Can I have this?  Will you buy me this?  I want this!"

Holiday displays run amuck these days.  Kids have voices that live in a constant state of whining, begging, pleading for something, anything that's within the grasp of their small hands.

Yep, my 4 year old has joined the ranks of these holiday begging soldiers.  I've heard so many Oooohs and Ahhhhs and I want and I need and Buy me this and of course....  Pleeeeeease!  It's enough to make a parent pull their hair out.

In the holiday spirit of giving, today's Wanna Know Wedneday will be......

10 Gifts Under My Tree
  1. 1600 Xbox Live Points
  2. MP3 Player
  3. Books
  4. Journals
  5. Strawberry Shortcake games
  6. Twilight Jewelry box
  7. Twilight Poster
  8. Star Trek dvd
  9. A Tupperware set
  10. A photo calendar
There are more, and there are more to get.  These are just the first ten that came to mind.  All three children got books and I need to get them each a new pajama set.  We have a Christmas Eve tradition that they get to open one gift and it's always new pjs.  It's fun and they like to see what I've picked out for them.

Santa still has to make a trip to Toys R Us this weekend, too.  Then I'll be all satisfied with everything being ready for Christmas.  Of course, five days after Christmas is our oldest daughter's 13th birthday and two weeks later is our youngest daughter's 5th birthday.  I'll have to figure something out for their birthday gifts too.
This is a busy time of year, but I so love it.  The lights, the happiness, the fun and games, the parties, the time spent as a family... I love it all.  :-)

I'm off to do laundry now.  My monthly newsletter went out this morning, so I hope everyone on the list enjoyed it.  Thank you all for reading.  *Smooches*

Have a great Wednesday.