Sunday, January 31, 2010

The end of January. How was it for you?

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It's a cold morning here.  Friday we had a big storm come through that left us covered in snow and ice.  However, by Saturday morning an overnight rain had washed all the whiteness away, leaving behind a world of mud for us to slosh through.

Yesterday the temps didn't get out of the 30's.  Today is suppose to get into the mid-40's, but it was soooo cold last night that we'll just have to wait and see about that.

So it's the last day of January.  This first month of 2010 went by very quickly.  Hopefully the rest of the year will slow down a bit so I can enjoy it.  LOL.  It was a decent month... if you don't consider that I'm van-less and Tim's $12,000 hospital visit.  Hell, if I had $12K I'd buy myself another van.  *Rolls Eyes*

Tomorrow starts another new month.  I have to take the girls for their semi-annual dental cleanings.  This week I also have to get the February newsletter written and sent out, plan for our camping trip, do a lot of article writing, and do some work on Liz's second book.

Oh, and hopefully the last piece of paperwork I'm waiting on will arrive in tomorrow's mail so that I can file my tax return.  I'd like to start counting down the days until our refund is direct deposited.  It'll definitely be put to good use this year.  Planning to pay the oldest daughter's braces off a year early and knock that monthly bill off of us.  Also hoping to get my van fixed (it's gonna need a new motor), though Tim wants to just buy another one.  I'd rather keep the one I have since it'll be cheaper to fix it.

Oh, how I love tax time!  While we have the children to claim anyway.  LOL.  Once they're all gone I probably won't feel the same about tax returns.  ;-)

Okay, I'm off.  We have to go visit the in-laws for a few hours.  Maybe, just maybe, Tim can occupy himself with the Xbox long enough for me to get some writing done when we get back.  *Fingers Crossed*

Have a great day!