Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday Morning

Good morning ladies and gents! It's that time of the week again... the start of a new one.  What will you accomplish this week? What plans do you consider do-able? Will you end the week feeling like you've made the best of it?  I hope we all reach our weekly goals and come out unscathed.  :-)

This is another busy week around my house.  Of course, when isn't it a busy one around here?  LOL.  The girls have their routine dental cleaning this afternoon.  I have writing to do, phone calls to make, and Tim has a job interview to go to!!  Woohoo!  Fingers crossed that things go well for him.

I'm also making plans (and reservations) for a camping trip that we'll be taking th week of February 15th.  The kids will be out of school that week, so we figured we'd go away.  Luckily, my kind of camping is in a heated RV with all the amenities of home--bathroom, heat, a/c, running water, tv, stove, fridge, and Wi-Fi!  I don't camp any other way.  ;-)  I'm a hotel kind of girl, so you can forget about getting me to sleep in a tent.  No way, no how!

It's non-stop around here, but I wouldn't know what to do with myself if it wasn't.  As a side note, I post a lot throughout the week on my Facebook page.  It holds more details about my day-to-day life than anywhere else on the web.  If you aren't already a friend, feel free to pop on over and send me a request.  :-)

Yesterday I spent some time and got the February issue of my newsletter ready and scheduled.  It'll go out on Wednesday.  For those who don't know, my newsletter goes out once a month, the first Wednesday of the month, and the subscriber list is ONLY used for that purpose. If you're interested in becoming a subscriber, stop by and sign up.  If you sign up before Wednesday you'll receive this month's newsletter.

Tomorrow I'll be starting Excerpt Tuesday.  Over the next three weeks I'll be sharing an excerpt from each of my Alex & Fiona books.  Here is the schedule:

Feb. 2, 2010: A Midnight Infatuation
Feb. 9, 2010: A Birth at Dawn
Feb. 16, 2010: A Twilight Abduction

I hope you'll stop by and check it out.  For those of you that have read my books, feel free to share what your favorite scene was from any of the books.  I like hearing from readers and love knowing what parts they liked the best.  :-)

Okay, I'm out for today.  Time to go throw some laundry in the dryer and start another washer load.  Have a lovely day and welcome to February!