Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy birthday to me.

Happy Sunday everyone.  As many of you may have noticed, I've been M.I.A. since Wednesday.  Wednesday night Tim started feeling bad.  We thought it was a bad case of indigestion.  Thursday morning he was much worse with vomiting, chest pain, and rapid breathing.  When I found him sitting in the shower, unable to move, and moaning about the pain, I'd had enough and rushed him off to the emergency room.

I got him there at lunchtime Thursday and we didn't leave the hospital until 7pm Friday night... and they wanted to keep him longer, but he'd have none of that.

He was diagnosed with Acute Diverticulitis.  Or what was explained to me as, an intestinal infection in the colon.  He was one very sick man.  They pushed 4 bags of antibiotics, 2 bags of just fluids, and three bags of potassium into him while we were there.  Once he decided he was going home, they wrote him 3 prescriptions for more antibiotics that he'll be taking for the next week.

On top of that, our youngest daughter's 5th birthday was Friday.  Due to Tim being in the hospital, we postponed her birthday party until Saturday.  Well, according to her new 5yr old logic, she didn't officially turn 5 until her party.  All day Friday she was telling everyone that no, she wasn't 5, she'd be 5 when we had her party.  LOL!

Oh, and today is my birthday...

Ugh.  What a hectic weekend it has been.  Tim's mom was also admitted into the hospital (again) Friday when I was taking Tim home.  She has breathing & heart problems, but refuses to quit smoking--even though she knows it'll help her.  So anyway, she's back in the hospital due to not being able to breathe.

Soooooo, there's why I've been M.I.A. lately.  I'm exhausted.  I'm thankful that the kids don't have school tomorrow so I can sleep a bit later.  I'm glad Tim's feeling better (he's finally back on solid foods today).

And, happy birthday to me. :-)
The picture above is today's pic of me and Tim.  We take one together every time my birthday rolls around.  He still looks a bit pale and tired.  We certainly won't forget this crazy weekend.