Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts #14: Winter Weather Preparation

Milk, bread, eggs... HURRY!!!  Run to the nearest store for these three items!  So what if you're out of everything else.  Or if you have cupboard full of other foods.  Snow's coming and you might need to make some... FRENCH TOAST!!  Eek!

There's something about the panic that sets in around here when the meteorologists start talking about snow.  Yes, yes, back in 1993 we had a freak blizzard.  People were without power for days, a week, or more.  But it's highly unlikely to happen again.  We live in Georgia, that's why it was a FREAK blizzard.  LOL!

Nonetheless, people go wild and rush the stores for three basic components... milk, bread, eggs.  I don't understand this concept.  If you keep power, are you planning to eat french toast while you're stuck inside?  But what if your power goes out?  Uh-oh!

Milk, bread, and eggs are just normal everyday staples in my house.  I don't go out of my way to "stock up" when bad weather is coming.  I worry more about heat, clean clothes, and having things that can be eaten if there's no power for cooking.  Otherwise, it's just business as usual.  You're going to cook your normal meals, do your normal household chores, and stay warm while the world around you wonders how long they'll have to eat french toast three times a day. 


Anyway, our kids are only stuck in school for half the day today.  School is letting out early because snow is suppose to be hitting between noon and midnight.  Even if all we get is rain, there most likely won't be school tomorrow because of ice.  They're saying we won't get above freezing until Sunday or Monday once this hits.

I'm just hoping the kids get some snow to play in and enjoy.  The youngest has been asking if we have a magic hat so she can build a snowman and name it Frosty.  :-)

All we can do now is wait and see what happens.  Oh, and I have to go out early for pick-up time.  11:30am comes quickly on a school day.

Have a great Thursday and stay warm!