Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting the week over again.

Happy Sunday!  So, I've decided that since last week didn't turn out to be such a great week to start fresh and jump back into the normal routine, tomorrow I'm going to start all over.  The kids go back to school, for a full week, there are higher temps and no snow in the forecast, and I have nowhere special that I need to be.  That brings me back into what should turn out to be a "normal" week... finally!

I'm ready, ready, ready to finally start the new year.  The holidays are fun, snow days are an exciting break, but I'm always glad when they're O. V. E. R.

We visited the in-laws this morning, had lunch with them, and then came back home.  I have laundry washing and now watching 500 Days of Summer.  It's been sitting next to the television for a week now, so the oldest and I are watching it while Tim's working on the van and the younger girls are off playing together.

The rest of today will be a typical Sunday of cleaning and preparing for the new school week.  Hopefully Tim will get my van fixed.  The other day it froze over because he only had water in it instead of antifreeze.  And with all the low temps lately, it froze.  So he's having to replace the freeze plug and he's having a lot of trouble doing it.  We've been stuck with just his little Honda Accord for a week now.  I'm anxious to have my own vehicle back AND the space that accompanies it.

All right, the washer stopped, so I need to move things around and get back to the movie.  I hope you're having a nice Sunday.  :-)

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