Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wanna Know Wednesday #50: The last year.

Morning, morning!  Wow, it's already Wednesday.  When the week starts a day late it flies by all that much faster.

Only two more weeks of Wanna Know Wednesday.  I can't believe it's been a year.  This week's entry is about memorable (to me) things that have happened over the last year.
  1. Finished writing another book (though it's not published yet).
  2. Had a stalker, and it appears they are finally gone.
  3. Went on 6 different trips with the hubby.
  4. Got re-proposed to by the hubby & started planning our vow renewal.
  5. Expanded my Facebook friends, and I've enjoyed talking to so many of them. :-)
  6. Our oldest daughter turned into an official teenager.  ACK!
  7. Our baby is now 5 and getting ready for her first year of school in the fall.
  8. Sent a manuscript to a NY publishing house editor!  Eek!
  9. Lost 40 more pounds.  :-)
  10. Started writing my 6th book (5th novel).
Today I'm working on my novel rewrites.  It takes time when you're starting from scratch.  I started a new file and am working from the old one in order have a "template" to work from.  I have the jist of the story in the "bad" file, so at least it will be quicker than the original first draft.  Nonetheless, I'm going to consider this the REAL first draft since I'm hating the original one so much.  LOL.

Oh, and for the ones asking... Yes, Tim is feeling much better.  He'll be on antibiotics for the next month, but he's eating solids and his energy level is picking back up.  Luckily, he's agreed to eat meals more similar to mine (I eat a lot healthier than he does), in an attempt to not have this happen to him again.

I've discovered that being frightened for your child's life is just one notch worse than being frightened for your beloved's life.  He scared me to pieces last week when I rushed him to the hospital.  And I will go ahead and publicly admit that I sobbed hysterically AFTER I got him there, got the kids' arrangements made, and was sitting all alone in the waiting room.  Strict, bossy mommy/wife-mode subsides and the panic and worry set in when you're all alone.

I guess that's an emotion that I can now use in a story.  LOL.

Okay, I'm out for today.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  :-)