Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts #15: Once a year.

Good morning everyone.  It's Thursday; almost time for the weekend!  It's been a busy week, but at least everyone is healthy this time.  It was last Thursday that I rushed Tim to the emergency room.  Eek!  This week is definitely better than last. 

It's just after 8am here and I've already gotten the older kids up and off to school, fed the youngest breakfast, did my workout, and cleared out my morning e-mails.  I'm going to attempt to get some writing work done over the next couple of hours and then it's appointment time.

Today's the day that the kids have their yearly pediatrician check-up.  Every year I call to make the appointment and every year the receptionist tries to make three different appointments on three different days.  And every year I refuse and request all three at one time, on the same day.  There's really no reason to have three different appointments for this.  I'd have to go three different times, waste gas on three different days, and interrupt all of our schedules for three different appointments.

I suppose it would be different if I had a boy thrown into the mix, but it's all girls.  And it's only once a year.  I'm so glad the girls are healthy.  Most years go by with nothing more than a head cold or stomach bug, without ever bothering with visiting the pediatrician.  Therefore, we only go once a year for an over all check-up, finger prick, vaccinations, etc.

This year, our youngest will have to get her 5 year old, neccessary for school entry, vaccinations.  She's so excited about being 5, and being old enough for kindergarten (we don't believe in pre-k) that she's not even complaining about having to get shots.  She's actually announcing to everyone that Thursday is her doctor's appointment.  LOL!  I'm sure that tune will change once we get there.

Thankfully this only happens once a year.  A lot of things only happen once a year, but we tend to dread them more than unpleasant events that occur on a regular basis.  Why do we put off those check-ups, dental cleanings, tax time (not me, but people I know), and numerous other events?  Why not just do it, get it over with, and move on to something more enjoyable?

Well?  Oh, you want me to answer that?  No, really, I'm asking you.  Seriously, I have no idea either.  LOL!  Oh well, maybe someone else will know the answer.  *Shrug*

Okay then, my stomach is growling like a grizzly bear, so it must be time for my breakfast.  Afterwards I'll get some writing work done, spend some time with Tim, play with the youngest, and get ready for the pedi appointment.  Wish me luck!  Hopefully there will be less tears crying than I'm expecting... and that's just from the 13 year old.  LOL!

Have a great day.  :-)