Monday, February 15, 2010

Heading out of town.

Good morning everyone.  Happy Presidents Day!  Hopefully all of you are enjoying your day off, staying warm and just taking in a peaceful day.

Tim & I are taking the kids and heading up to Pigeon Forge, TN here in a little bit.  I spent yesterday washing laundry and packing everything.  This morning we're just packing the cooler with drinks, snacks, cold cuts, etc.  I take as much as I can when we're all going somewhere.  It makes for a cheaper trip when they can eat several meals from food we bring with us.

All the snow we've had over the weekend (and last night) altered our travel plans.  We were going to take the camper and stay in a campground, but now we're staying in a motel for the week.  It costs a bit more (blech), but at least if we get snowed in I won't mind so much.  :-)

I'll be taking the laptop with me to check e-mails, upload pictures, post to Facebook, and all that jazz when I have time.  So if you need to contact me, go right ahead.  It may take me a bit longer to respond, as I won't be online until late in the day and first thing in the morning. Nonetheless, you can contact me if need be.  :-)

Okay, I guess that's it.  Time to pack the laptop into it's pretty purple case and get ready to walk out the door.  Tim's giving me the "Come on," look.  LOL.  Don't forget that tomorrow is Excerpt Tuesday.  Tomorrow I'll focus on my last Fiona & Alex story...  A Twilight Abduction!

Have a great day!