Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excerpt Day: A Twilight Abduction

Good morning ladies and gents.  Yep, I'm out of town this week, but that doesn't mean I can't take the time to share information about my books (like I'd ever stay somewhere that doesn't have Wi-Fi).  I think A Twilight Abduction was my most favorite of the Alex & Fiona stories.  Things came together just perfectly (IMO) for this extraordinary couple and their little one. 

Since Valentine's Day was two days ago, today's excerpt is all about love.

“It’ll be all right, my love,” I cajoled with a smile as bright as I could muster at the moment. I gently kissed his lips and ran my fingers through his hair. I wanted more from him than his self-pity. I’d missed my husband and selfishly wanted his focus all on me.

His eyes were a deep chasm of emotion. I lightly stroked his chest and any resistance he might have been feeling, instantly melted away. His hands slid to my face and pulled my mouth to his. His kiss was fierce, demanding, and passionate enough to take what it wanted.

I wasn’t about to put up a fight. I wanted everything and anything he could throw at me. I wanted someone focused on me–not my powers, my child, or my impending doom.

Passion rose between our souls. Everything around us faded away into the darkness. All I could see, feel, need was Alex. And nothing else mattered.

I slowly climbed on top of him. I straddled his lap while he continued to kiss me with as much longing and passion as I felt for him. His hands caressed the small of my back. Fingertips, as light as feathers slid under my shirt, moving slowly up my back, until they discovered the clasp of my bra. The clasp quickly gave way under his knowing fingertips.

My spine shivered as his fingers moved back down my back. They caught the bottom seam of my top and quickly pulled upward, exposing me to the man in charge. A deep sigh of pleasure escaped my lips as the shirt slid across the floor on the other side of the room, and we were left chest to chest.

His mouth soon abandoned mine in search of a more sensual location on my neck. It teased, licked, and nipped at just the right spot as my head fell back to allow more. I became lightheaded, digging my nails into his back to keep my balance. This is the kind of moment that people use to describe swooning. And boy was I swooning!

A moan escaped from Alex’s throat as I performed a bit of my own neck playing. My fangs made an appearance, as they begged and pleaded for me to take just a little. But it wasn’t time for that, just yet.

My nails scratched down his back and a groan of pleasure whispered in my ear. His hands slid down the back of my jeans and kneaded the rounded flesh. I could feel warmth spreading throughout my body with the core of it located south of the waistline.

Alex’s body writhed beneath me. The only thing holding us back from a full-blown explosion was the pair of denim jeans still in place. Urgency was building. The need to be as one was overtaking. The lust between us was controlling our actions.

Alex’s hands turned their attention to my bare breasts. His mouth swiftly joined in on the action. Teeth nipping, tongue wagging, mouth sucking; all pulling me further down into the depths of ecstasy.

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