Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts #17: The sun is shining brightly!

There's something about the bright rays of sunlight shining through my diningroom window.  Bright, warm, relaxing, reassuring rays of light to make my day beautiful.  When the sun is out, I feel happier, lighter, more energetic, the world is more colorful and enjoyable.

After days of cloudiness, rain, cold, the sun is finally back for a visit.  I have no idea how long my dear friend will hang around, but I hope it's for a while.  I'd love to have days upon days of sunshine, but at this time of the year it's not going to happen.

My oldest daughter wrote a poem about spring the other day.  It was quite lovely and her words spoke the truth.  I miss warm weather.  I long for a Georgia spring and summer.  The warm, sunny days that I can spend outside, watching the kids play, listening to the birds sing, and working in the coziness of the hammock.  Awwww...  I miss warm weather.

Nonetheless, in the absence of warmer temperatures I can at least enjoy the sunshine that brightens my home and my mood!

Today I'm working on laundry, I have a stew in the Crock-Pot and will be jumping into work here in a few minutes.  Tim's messing with the van because it's time to take it to the mechanic.  Then he's going out to fiddle with the camper to make sure the brakes and tires are fine.  I'll have to start packing on Saturday. This afternoon the oldest has an awards ceremony we'll be attending.

Not too awful busy, but busy enough.  Just one more day of school and the kids will be out until Feb. 22nd for "Mid-Winter Break".  Hopefully everyone will have a good time camping next week, and we won't get snowed in up there.  LOL!  If it were just Tim and I, I'd happily get snowed in, but with all the kids there's no way I want to be snowed in for a full week in a camper.  LOL.

Well, the dryer is paging me to fold another load of laundry.  Guess I better get going.  Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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  1. I have to agree with you on the sunshine thing. I miss the sun. We have had a few fleeting moments of sunshine here & there over what seems like the last month or more. I miss the sunny bright days. For us up here, this seems like unusually long cloudy spells even for this time of year. I just hope we get down to FL before the humidity sets in.

    Enjoy your day & sunny rays!!