Friday, March 26, 2010

Disappointment is never fun.

Morning everyone!  Did you know that it's Friday?  Woohoo!  I love when the weekend finally arrives.  I get to sleep until the sun is actually up on the weekends.  Not only that, but the kids only have four days of school next week and then they'll be out for Spring Break.  I'll get ten days of no alarm clock!  Yay!

Yesterday was Kindie Sign-Up Day and the youngest did fabulously.  She passed her kindergarten assessment test with flying colors and is all signed up and ready for school to start in September.  It was a lot of paperwork and time spent standing in line, but it's all done.  She's now telling everyone that she's a kindergartener now.  :-)

Okay, onto the part about disappointment.

As many of you know, Tim and I have been planning to have a vow renewal ceremony on the beach of Tybee Island, Georgia for our 17th wedding anniversary, next year.  Well, our 16th anniversary will be here in only two weeks, and Tim still doesn't have a new job.  When he does get a new job, he won't be there long enough to have vacation time by the time our anniversary week rolls around next year.


I've had to cancel our renewal.  :-(  It makes me sad, and I waited as long as I could before calling it off, but in the end I had to make the call and just do it.  I'm very disappointed, and hate that the economy has gotten this bad, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you have a family to support.

Hopefully he'll have a new job soon and we'll at least get to go to the island for our summer vacation, but even that is all based on him getting a new job first.  In the meantime, my next goal is to put enough of my article money aside for us to do a few small trips while the kids are out for summer this year.  We can only plan for the here and now right now.

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. We have a birthday party to attend on Saturday evening and Auntie Amanda (my sister) is planning to take the kids to see "How to Train Your Dragon" Saturday morning.  They should have a great time.

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