Monday, March 22, 2010

Hoping for a calmer week.

Last week was one crazy, busy week.  Let's do a little recap....

  • Monday: Puppies born, Announced Time For Death's release, Started the Facebook fan page.
  • Tuesday: Introduced Liz Baker to the world.
  • Wednesday: Shared Time For Death's intriguing cover. Had the oldest's Quiz Bowl meet.
  • Thursday: Bought Tim new field fencing to get him out of my hair.  That backfired & ended up making more work for myself.
  • Friday: Let everyone know about the goodies I'll be giving away on April 30th. Worked on the field fencing. Went out with Tim for a date night that ended up being more stressful that we bargained for.
  • Saturday: Finished up the field fencing work (yay!). The middle daughter had a sleepover.  Turns out 9yr olds are MUCH louder than 13yr olds during sleepovers. I didn't get in bed until after midnight.
  • Sunday: Woke up, got numerous kids fed. Sent the guests home with their parents. Nursed a headache the rest of the day while just being lazy on a rainy Sunday.

Whew!  I think I'm tired all over again just from reading that.  Not only that, but I missed getting any writing done all week.  I miss my story worlds.

The only thing on the schedule for this week is kindergarten registration on Thursday.  I can't believe our baby is already old enough for kindergarten. Sure, we have until September, but still.  I got to hold a 3 month old baby yesterday. Awwww!  How is it that our baby is so much bigger than that now?  The years sure do fly.

On the upside, I only have 5 more months until all three kids are in school and I can work without kiddly interruptions.  Hopefully I'll also be able to work without husbandly interruptions as well.  *Fingers Crossed*

Well, I'm off to fix some breakfast and start my day.  Thinking it'll be a good day to plug my ears with music and work while pretending I'm so into it that I don't notice Tim or the youngest talking to me.  Yep, that sounds like a plan!  Tremmel Crossing here I come!  (<--- Where Liz Baker lives)

Have a great Monday!