Friday, March 19, 2010

How will I celebrate Time For Death?

I'll celebrate Time For Death by giving YOU something!

On April 30, 2010 my new series will debut with book 1, Time For Death.  This book has been a longtime coming and I want to celebrate it's arrival into the Book World.  In order to do that, I'll be holding one of my online chats and giving away some goodies to one luck attendant.

I'm sure you've seen other giveaways that require an exorbitant amount of your time to enter:  Post this on your Twitter for an entry, bring five other people for an entry, sign off the rights to your firstborn for an entry.....  And while I'd love for you to do those (well, not the children. I have plenty of my own, lol), it's not necessary to be entered into the giveaway.  You simply have to show up for the chat!

The last time I did a chat was for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun and many people showed up.  I'm hoping this time will be just as fun with even more people showing up.

Okay, okay.  You're probably wondering what I'm giving away this time.  It took me a few days to figure that out myself, but it has finally hit me. As a writer I like to promote other people getting into the spirit of writing down their own words, thoughts, ideas.  Not only that, but I want to share the love I have for all of my books and their lovely covers.  Sooooo....

I'm giving away:

1 - personalized ink pen (I even ordered one for myself because I loved the way it looked)
1 - notebook with Time For Death on the cover
1 - autographed 11x14 collage poster of all my book covers

I thought about a coffee mug too--you could drink your coffee while writing--but after receiving a broken mug from AC, I changed my mine about that.  I'll stick with stuff that won't break in the mail.  LOL.

When it gets closer to time for the chat I'll post pictures of everything.

When:  April 30, 2010
Time:  8pm - 9pm EST
Where: Christie's Chatroom (link will be posted at a later date)
Why: To celebrate & give away goodies!

I hope you'll make note of the event and stop by to celebrate with me and for your chance to win.  I'll be sending event invites on Facebook and numerous other social networking sites.  :-)

The washing machine just buzzed; I suppose that's my signal to get off here and get some housework done.  Have a wonderful day!