Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's all gone.

Morning all.  Welcome to Hump Day.  Well, it's done it.  The last four days of nice weather are all gone.  Rain moved in overnight and isn't suppose to be out of here until next week.  Boooo!  Hisssss!  Shoooo!

Oh well, I have enjoyed the nice spring-like days and I'm looking forward to many more of them.

Nonetheless, I still have a busy day, even if it's not brightened by sunshine.  I've been determined to make this week a good one, and so far it has been.  Monday and Tuesday went well, with everything getting marked off my daily to-do lists.  Today's list is a bit shorter--most of the work has been done already.

For the most part, today will be centered around getting more edits done.  I have a goal of being finished by the end of the week, and if things go like I've planned that won't be a problem.  Liz is being quite cooperative this time around.  Of course, that's probably because this is like the sixth edit on this book and there's not as much left to fix or change by now.  LOL!

I suppose it's time I get to work.  I hope you're having as nice a week as I am.  Hopefully the sun will decide not to wait until next week to reappear.  *Fingers Crossed*