Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday: A continuation of a good week.

Morning, morning, morning!  Yes, I'm up and chipper on this lovely Tuesday morning.  I told you yesterday that I am determined to have a good week, and therefore will have a good week.

Yesterday was great. I finished everything on my daily to-do list and more.  The day turned out beautiful and we even spent several hours outside, and ended up having a late dinner because of it.  Today is suppose to be just is nice (though rain is in the forecast fo the rest of the week).

Okay, so it is Tuesday, and some of you may be lagging this morning.  If so, pop over to author Paige Tyler's blog for a weekly pick-me-up on her Tasty Tuesday entry!  She'll definitely perk your mood right up with her weekly show-n-tell moment.  ;-)  And if you think her blog is steamy, you should really pick up one of her e-books.  Oohhhh-La-La!  I've read Librarian By Day and it's HOT!

So, this morning I have to head out for some grocery buying and to pick up a new filing cabinet.  You know all of those papers you're suppose to keep for like 7 years... Forever!  Well, I've decided to get out of the cardboard box that annoys me anytime I need to search through it for something and organize everything into a new filing cabinet.  I separated everything by year on Sunday, and now I have stacks of papers all over the dining room table, just waiting for a new home.  LOL.  This will make it much easier & help me on my household organization path (like we're ever off that path).

After I get home it'll be back to book work.  I finished editing 9 chapters yesterday and plan for just as many today.  I've gained a newfound excitement toward this story and I'm so looking forward to finally saying it's complete and moving onto finishing book 2.  Determination is key!  Be determined to get something done and it will get done.  At least it does for me.  LOL.

Now that I've shared a half-naked man, my disorganized paper box secret, and a bit of chipper-ness with you, it's time for me to head out.  Have a fabulous Tuesday and I'll see you back here tomorrow.  :-)