Monday, March 8, 2010

What do you have planned for the week?

Good morning.  Looks like it's time to start another new week.  At least it's starting out the right way here... sunny!  Unfortunately, that won't last with the rest of the week's forecast calling for rain.  Gotta take it when you get it.  :-)

The weekend was just lovely for us.  Both days had bright sunshine, warmer temperatures, and a happy family.  We spent most of Saturday working outside.  I managed to clear away fallen leaves from the few plants that are starting to peek from the ground.  I cleaned out the front flower bed and readied it for spring planting.  All I have left is to add some dirt from my compost bin and plant fresh flowers. 

Yesterday I decided to make sure this new week is a good one.  I've always been one determined girl, and when I decide to make something go the way I want it to, it usually does just that.  I'm not saying it doesn't take work (cause it definitely does), but when I make up my mind that's the way things will go.

I made myself a day-by-day list of the necessary items that need to get completed each day.  I've already marked off three things for today.  Then I include things I'd like to get to, if everything else gets done in a timely manner.  When I work like this I generally complete everything by the end of the week.  It's when I just go random, willy-nilly that things don't get finished.

Anyway, things are planned, things will get completed, Tim will probably end up frustrated with my schedule, but I'll be a happy mommy and writer when the week ends.  ;-)  I'm sure all you moms out there know the saying, "When Mom isn't happy, no one is happy."  That's exactly how it'll be this week. 

So, it appears that I need to get started on my big projects for today.  If you get the big ones done first you'll have plenty of time to get the smaller things completed.  Then again, sometimes you just want to finish all the smaller tasks before jumping into the one that'll take longer.

Have a lovely day!  Be determined to have a good/productive week and you'll be surprised.  It just takes a bit of happy thought, organization, and determination.