Thursday, April 15, 2010

Errand Thursday.

Morning everyone!  I made it through the heat last night and woke up to a much cooler house.  Luckily my sister loaned me her favorite oscillating fan yesterday and it worked like a charm.  I haven't even owned a room fan since we built the house.  Now I'm feeling like it may be a good idea to have one around, just in case.

Today is my weekly errand day.  I've already paid some online bills this morning, but in a bit I have to get dressed and head out.  Today's list of errands consists of dropping books by the library, buying groceries, filling the car with gas for next week, making a bank deposit, a trip to Lowe's, and lastly, a stop by the local tag office to buy the new car sticker (we have to get it before Tim's birthday on Monday).  I have so many places to go that I've made a list so I don't forget one.

Oh, and Tim has another job interview today.  Woohoo!  My fingers and toes are soooo crossed for this one.  It's not as close as the one he interviewed for last week, but it's closer than his last job that was an hour away.  Plus I know a bit more about this company than the one from last week, and this one shouldn't have any problems offering him enough pay.  I still don't understand that one from last week not even paying enough to match what he draws in unemployment each week, much less more.  Geez!

Anyway, today's interview is at 2pm, while I'm parked in the school pick-up line waiting.  He'll call me as soon as he's done there to let me know how it went. *Fingers Crossed*  I'll update the my personal Facebook page as soon as I hear from him.

Okay, I'm off.  Time to get started with my day.  Here's hoping it all goes smoothly and Tim has a job offer by the end of the day.  But if he doesn't I know that something good is right around the corner.  We just gotta wait and see which one arrives first.  :-)

Have a great Thursday and be sure to stop by tomorrow for details on my Time For Death release day celebration.