Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A hint at the summer to come.

Here in Georgia it tends to get quite warm fairly early in the spring.  This year is no different.  The mornings are brisk and jeans are usually a good idea before 10am.  However, after lunchtime the heat zooms up and it's tank top and shorts weather. 

With the temp changes you need heat in the morning to knock the chill off (no more than 45 minutes of heat) and then around dinnertime the A/C is required to keep you comfortable while cooking.  Unfortunately, Tuesday morning I woke up to a strange smell.  After that our heat & air unit no longer worked.  Ugh!

We built the house while I was pregnant with the oldest in 1996.  The heat/air unit has been a pain ever since.  Every couple of years we have to have a guy come out to fix something on it, and every time it costs us a couple of hundred dollars, most just in labor.  This time, Tim's going to see what he can do for it... since he has no job, and we can't afford the heat/air guy.

He has decided that he "thinks" he found the problem.  We'll pick up a small part tomorrow so he can see if he's correct. I hope, hope, hope he's right and gets it fixed.  Our house stays pretty cool all day long, until about 6pm when it's hotter in here than it is outside.  Sweltering is the word that comes to mind. 

If the part doesn't work then I guess we can only do one of two things... call the a/c guy, or buy a window unit, or two.  At this point I really don't give a damn as long as I can cook dinner without having a heat stroke.

Anyway, this Georgia heat is just a small hint of the heat summer has in store for us.