Monday, April 5, 2010

How was your Easter?

Morning all!

We're still on Spring Break in the Silvers household.  The kids are having a good time so far and not driving me to batty... yet. 

We had a very nice Easter yesterday, even though it all started on Friday when we had dinner at my sister's house.  By the time yesterday rolled around we were all a bit "over it" with Easter.  That didn't stop us from having fun out in the sun.  Eggs were hidden and hunted. Chocolates were eaten and eaten and eaten. Kids later on crashed from sugar highs and were easily put to bed a bit earlier than is usual for a school vacation.  LOL.  It was quite nice.

Then we came home, change out of our nice clothes, and got to work around the house.  Tim washed the car.  I mowed the lawn. The oldest racked leaves.  The two younger girls played with the dogs, helped wash the car, and ran around.  After all that I curled up in the hammock with my honey.

Today there aren't any plans to leave the house.  All child entertainment will be done right here in the backyard today.  There will be puppy playtime, finger painting, bike riding, and even some Moon Sand sculptures.  I have to make some phone calls, thus the outside playtime for the children. Then tomorrow we'll be spending the day at the Tennessee Aquarium.

I haven't decided on Wednesday and Thursday activities yet, and Friday will be hectically busy.  All in all, we'll all be having a nice Spring Break week.  I might even get some work done...  I said might.

Before I go for today, my newsletter will be going out on Wednesday.  You don't wanna miss this one!  Use the link in the upper left to subscribe.  Then there will be a fun, money-saving announcement on Friday.  All details will be in the newsletter.
Have a great Monday!