Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break has begun.

Today is the last day of school for the older girls.  Starting tomorrow they'll be on Spring Break for ten days.  Now, this means I won't have to listen to the blasted, infernal, irritating alarm clock at 5:50am for ten days.  However, that also means that I need to listen to my own advice on surviving Spring Break as a SAHM.

SAHM: Surviving Spring Break with Your Sanity Intact

Or maybe I'll just go ahead and have them help me work on our yearly vegetable garden.....

SAHM: Growing a Family Garden with Your Children

Yes, yes, that was blatant self-promotion on my part.  LOL!  I do so love those monthly pageview payments I get from my article readers though.  I love you all, so stop by and give my newest articles some love.  :-)

Okay, now that's out of the way.  Time for me to relish in the loveliness of today.  It is a glorious spring day outside my open windows.  The sun is shining brightly, the temperature is perfect, birds are chirping loudly from their perches high in the trees, and there is a slight breeze blowing through my house.  I can't wait 'til all the trees have their leaves and greeness explodes all around.  I love spring!

This morning I went grocery shopping and picked up some gladiola bulbs for my front flower bed.  Shopping needed to be done while the kids were still in school (shopping with all of them is unbearable) and I want to plant the glad bulbs tomorrow when all the kids will be here to help.  

You may not hear too much from me over the next week due to the house full of kiddos.  We'll be spending a lot of time outside, and we have a trip to the aquarium planned.  Then next Friday is my 16th wedding anniversary and Tim's wanting to run away for a night or two.  We'll see how that works out over the next couple of days.

However, those of you who received my March newsletter know that I have a special planned for April 9th to share my happiness with all of you.  If you weren't a subscriber then, rest assured that I'll also have the details in my April issue next week.  :-)

I have a growling tummy, so I'll be off now to fix myself some lunch.  I hope you have as lovely a day as I am.