Monday, April 26, 2010

Life returns to normal.

I'm back!  After the stress, sadness, exhaustion of last week, I'm finally back in motion this week.  Here's a quick recap for those who aren't connected with me through Facebook (cause I post everything on Facebook).

-- Tuesday morning:  Tim had his second interview.
-- Tuesday night:  Ambulance was called to the in-laws' house.  MIL passed away.
-- Wednesday: Tim is sick as a dog... vomiting, fever, chills, didn't get out of bed all day.
-- Wednesday: I went with FIL to make sure all the funeral arrangements were made.
-- Thursday: Spent most of the day at the funeral home.  Tim feeling better (thank goodness).  We're working on very little sleep for the week.  Oh, and Tim got the call we'd been waiting on...  HE GOT THE JOB!
-- Friday:  Took the kids to Mom's for the night.  Tim & I were at the funeral home until 10pm.
-- Saturday morning: Woke up to rain.  MIL's burial will not be graveside due to it.  Was at the funeral home for almost 6 hours before picking the kids up and spending another 4 hours at FIL's house.
-- Sunday: Visited with and had lunch with FIL before taking the girls to the cemetery.

After all that, we finally made it home.  Exhaustion took over and we all crashed.

Here we are on Monday.  Whew!

We'll be getting back to normal this week.  I have a lot of work to catch up on after a week of no work.  Especially considering that Time For Death releases at the end of the week!  Yay!!  Tim starts his new job on Tuesday.  This week he just has orientation and paperwork and all that jazz.  Next week he starts the actual job.

Tim's new job will be Tues, Wed, Thurs at 12 hours a day.  He'll be working nights (again, boo, hiss!) from 7pm to 7am, but at least it's only three days a week, and he gets a 4-day weekend every week.  Not too bad for someone who hasn't worked in almost 9 months.

Okay, I just wanted to let everyone know we survived a week of hell and came out the other side into a new week.  Hopefully this week will be much better.  Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of all the release day goodie bag stuff and we'll get into all those details for Friday.  I'm excited that the world is about to meet Liz Baker.  She's a lot of fun!  :)

Have a happy Monday.


  1. Just remember that while you may feel "back to normal" it will take quite a while for Tim to feel that way. Be prepared for his roller coaster of emotions as he goes through his grieving process. Just love him and don't let him hold it all in.

  2. I've been through this parent-loss process before, so I'm fully prepared for what the future brings. Tim has done surprisingly well, and this wasn't an unexpected loss. We've been preparing ourselves and the children for the last year.

    I'm here for him and always will be. He'll be fine.