Monday, April 12, 2010

Manic Monday, or maybe it should be Maniac Monday.

Monday.  *Yawn*  It's Monday.  The first day back from Spring Break.  Did I mention *yawn*?

Tim just drove off to take the older girl to school, and the youngest is still sleeping--though that won't last much longer.  At this very moment everything in my world is quiet.  That won't last much longer either.

This will be a very busy week for me.  Not only do I have the normal weekly stuff (house cleaning, back & forth to school, writing work, etc.), but there's more.  Tuesday the oldest has an orthodontist appointment right after school, and then we have to come back to school for Open House.  Wednesday she'll have Quiz Bowl & I'll be running some errands.  Thursday she has a talent show.  Friday I have to get all the left over errands done and buy groceries.  Then Saturday we're loading the car up and heading to Fairburn, GA for this year's Georgia Renaissance Festival.

All of this on top of the already short enough days filled with my every day normal "stuff".

Oh, oh, and please, for all that's good in the world, please do not let me forget that Tim's birthday is next Monday and I'll need to bake him a cake sometime before then.

Now, before I have a panic attack thinking about the week ahead of me, I'll take a nice deep breath and move forward.  I'm now off to enjoy the last few minutes of quiet this morning will allow me before the 5yr old wakes up and Tim comes back home.
Have a great week!

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