Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thrilling Tuesday

Monday's over, Tuesday begins. 

Today will be the busiest day of the week.  I have articles to work on, books to write, school to run back & forth to, the oldest has an orthodontist appointment right after school, and then we have to rush back after that for Open House.  Tim asked me last night what we'd be having for dinner tonight and I shared that I hadn't gotten that far in my ultimate plan yet.  Then he reminded me that we wouldn't even be home for dinnertime tonight.  Oops!

Not only that, but I think he's suppose to go help his dad with some things today, so I may be handling all the craziness alone with all the kids.  Fun.

No matter what happens I'll make it through fairly unscathed.  I work best by moving from one task to the next in sequential order.  Finish one before beginning the next and go from there.  Don't worry about the next task until you've completed the current one.  However that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep and eye on the clock.  I'm a stickler for being on time, or better yet, at least 5 minutes (preferably 10) early to every appointment.
In the meantime, this morning will go much more smoothly than the rest of the day will.  At this very moment, the older girls are already gone to school, the youngest is quietly eating  Go-gurt and watching Blue's Clues, and Tim has jumped back in bed for a little while.  The only sound in this room is the sound of my fingers dancing across the keyboard of my purple laptop.  That's the kind of peace a writer can only dream of on most days.  And dream I have!

It won't last.  She'll finish her yogurt or get bored with Blue's Clues.  He'll grumble and growl his way back out of bed when his back starts to ache from being in bed too long.  The phone will ring.  The dog will bark.  An e-mail will chime its entrance into my in-box.  And then we'll go about our day...

But at this moment I'll simply finish this entry while enjoying the silence that surrounds me.  It won't be long until it's an every day occurrence and I may miss the noise.  :-)

*No fingernails were painted for the making of this blog*

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