Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day of freedom.

Thursdays are so close to the end of the week it's like a little bit of the weekend seeps in around the edges.  Today's Tim's last day of work for the week.  He's done well and is starting to settle into his new position.  I don't think it's a bad gig to be able to work three days a week and always have a four-day weekend.  Not bad at all.

I have absolutely no errands planned for today.  Not a single load of laundry needs to be washed either.  I have a full day of freedom to WRITE!  Some people make think I'm crazy considering that writing is my job.  What?  You don't like your job?  I love my job! 

Writing is freedom for me.  Freedom to do my own thing, create a new world, convince characters to do what I want them to do (though sometimes they have other plans).  Writing makes me happy, gleeful, creative, and at the end of a good writing day I'm relaxed and feeling like a new person.  So, today I'm looking forward to ending the day with a smile and feeling of accomplishment.

Now to make it happen!  :-)

Speaking of the end of the day...

I have some families coming this evening to take some lovely, cuddly puppies to their new forever homes.  Yay!  One gentleman is coming for the brown & white male, and the other couple wants the other male with the possibility of taking one of the females too.  If everything works out, 2-3 of our sweet babies will be going home with new owners.

After the kids are home from school we'll be giving all the pups a nice bath and brushing in preparation of meeting their new puppy parents.  It should be a fun moment for the kids and the pups.  I'll take a picture of all the clean, fluffy pups before anyone leaves and post it tomorrow.

That's it this morning. Time for me to go start my work day.  I have my Kill Me Next Week file open and waiting right behind this window.  I hear Liz telling me to get the f**k back to her story.  She's bored with waiting around.  ;-)

Have a great Thursday! Make it the best one you can.