Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animas in stories.

This morning I was doing a little research on my chickens. I do this when I have a specific thought or question regarding their raising and health. I like to know that all is going the way its suppose to be. Yes, I'm a bit OCD about knowing things, but isn't that what makes a writer a writer?

Anyway, this research brought me to the thought of putting a passing mention of chickens into my next story. Maybe someone Liz knows will have chickens, give her a batch of fresh eggs, or have an escaped chick. I don't think there are enough chickens that aren't being sacrificed in urban fantasy. LOL! All this research has to be good for something besides boring articles.

What do you think about animals in stories? Do you think the main character's beloved pet adds to the story? Or do you just skim over mentions of a Liz's bitchy cat, Tara, and get to the good stuff? Do you think caring for pets makes the heros/heroines more realistic?

I think animals add another level to any story. It doesn't matter if the main character is annoyed by morning bird songs or turning into a bird themselves. Animals bring something more primal, natural, into a story.

Anyway, enough animal rambling for today. The day is flying by and I still have more work to do in preparation for the next chapter I'm working on. Have a great one! I hope you've recovered from your Memorial Day