Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here I come, Turkey!

It has happened! I'm going to be an internationally published author next month! Yay! Though, considering my books are also available on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, I may already be considered internationally published. LOL!

Anyway, this will be the first time my books are sold in a language other than English.

Yesterday I signed the contract with ARVO, a Turkish publishing house, for the translation rights to all five of my current novels. That's all three Alex & Fiona books and both current Liz Baker books. As the contract states, A Midnight Infatuation (Alex & Fiona, book 1) is due to be released in Turkey in July. All the books will be translated and have brand new covers to suit the Turkish readers. Even though I won't be able to read a single word of it, I'm excited to see the books in their Turkish forms.

This foreign rights stuff is all new to me, so I was a bit anxious at first. However, after speaking with other authors who have worked with or currently are working with ARVO I decided to just jump in and go for it. To quote Nike, sometimes we have to Just Do It! So I did. Fingers crossed for success and happiness to come.

If all works out, they may want future books when the time comes. We'll have to wait and see how it goes.