Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday & I have a sale for you.

It's Black Friday! Time to get that holiday shopping under way (if you haven't already) and take advantage of all the sales and discounts businesses are offering. Watch out for the people pushing and shoving over that last $5 Barbie though. They can be blood-thirsty monsters full of vicious intent! You don't wanna get knocked to the floor and trampled on by that granny in search of the best deal on pajamas. Whew! It's dangerous out there!

Instead of battling the warzone known as Wal-mart, or the mall, stay home and take advantage of some online deals. Specifically, my Liz Baker Black Friday sale!

For this weekend only, you can snag both books 1 and 2, in e-book formats, for the low price of only $0.99 each. Not only will these books keep you entertained, but you'll be up to speed for when book 3, Killer Intentions, comes out next month. How's that for a deal? :)

Here are the links to take you directly to your format of choice:

Time for Death (Liz Baker, book 1)

Amazon Kindle: $0.99
B&N Nook: $0.99
Smashwords: $0.99 -- use coupon code VA44F

Kill Me Next Week
(Liz Baker, book 2)

Amazon Kindle: $0.99
B&N Nook: $0.99
Smashwords: $0.99 -- use coupon code BZ22X

Happy Black Friday. If you honor your life, stay home and read a book!

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