Friday, March 23, 2012

Death Reflected coming soon

After finishing up book 3 in the Liz Baker series, Killer Intentions, I had an idea to throw out a short story about Liz's interesting elderly neighbor, MaryAnne Patterson.  She has been Liz's neighbor for a while now and is always happy to step in to pick up the mail and care for Liz's cat, Tara, when Liz is away.  But there was always something mingling in the back of my mind, something not quite normal about Mrs. Patterson.

Death Reflected is the story of how Liz found out the deep, dark, hidden secret MaryAnne hoped no one would ever figure out.  This story will be a freebie for all my Liz Baker fans.  Once completed, I'll post it free of charge on the website and let you know of it's availability. 

Keep in mind that Death Reflected should be read AFTER Killer Intentions.  The scene actually happens in the middle of Killer Intentions, but is only mentioned ever so slightly during a sleepy-time chat between Liz and Chad.  Just enough to give me the lead in for the short story.

I'll post more about it when the editing is done and the e-cover is ready for viewing.  :)